Ordering a NAS

Synology DS411j NASI don’t know why I haven’t been thinking about ordering a NAS (Network Attached Storage) earlier. Since I move a lot between two places it has proven very impractical to keep moving hard drives with me, both for backup and for file storage. With my laptop being my primary computer, disk space is always a bit at a premium.

All in all, I am really looking forward to being able to access files over the net from anywhere, both via AFP on the Mac as well as from any computer using the web interface which I must say sounds impressive.

I opted for a Synology Diskstation DS411j which had all of the features I wanted in terms of “applications” and connection abilities. What made me choose this specific model was the capacity, being able to store 8 TB spread out over 4 slots.

Once I get it in a couple of days and set it up over christmas, I will give a little review on how it is working for me and what I think.