First Impressions of the Jawbone Icon Headset

Jawbone Icon: Hero

After seriously misplacing my standard Apple headset to the point where I have no idea where it is (this hardly ever happens to me), I decided it was time to get a gadget that I have been wanting to get for quite some time, a bluetooth headset. As I make quite a few calls where I love being handsfree, I wanted to try out the wireless handsfree options as well to see how it works for me.

What I picked up was a Jawbone Icon both because I’ve seen it around a lot and because it got a great review from my buddy Terry White. Read on for my impressions on the headset.

Device design and feel

The design of the Jawbone is superb. I got the “Hero” model (pictured above) which I think looks very nice both on its own and on you. The Jawbone Icon series is made to look like jewelry and come in a wide range of styles with at least one that should appeal to you.

I am also surprised at the way it just fits so well in the ear for me. I usually have trouble with getting any type of headset sitting very comfortably on me but this one is an exception, partly because of the ways to customize the earpiece.

It comes with two different types of earpieces, one made to fit and secure the entire headset in your ear and one made to be used with the little loop (that goes around your ear). You can mix and match and choose what is the most comfortable for you. Plus, these two models also come in different sizes.


Not saying that I didn’t know anything before purchase about this headset would be a lie because I did indeed. However what I had read and thought to be good became even better as I realized just how good these features truly are.


You can hook the Jawbone Icon up to your computer and login to the MyTalk service that they provide, where you can update your headset and download new voices and small applications on it. While being able to only have one voice on the device is just fine, I would have loved not to be restricted to one application on it, as I would prefer to have both voice dialing as well as writing using my voice (transcribing) enabled.

Audio playback

When I first tested it, I was slightly disappointed to note that there was no way to play back audio (music, audiobooks or anything) from my iPhone in the headset. After downloading a new voice from the MyTalk service and syncing it, that functionality was there which needless to say made me very happy. It is not that I would use this much for listening to music, but I can see myself listening to audiobooks with it.

iPhone integration

One geeky feature that makes me excited is the fact that the Jawbone Icon integrates well with the iPhone by showing me a little battery indicator for the headset in the top status bar, next to the battery indicator of the iPhone itself. It’s just a nice and simple visual touch that makes me, as a geek, very happy!


So far I really love my Jawbone Icon headset. It works very nicely for me when calling and the people I call say that I sound great. Right now I haven’t been able to put it, together with my iPhone with bluetooth on all day, through a full days normally tough use (won’t get the chance until next week), but the headset seems to be keeping its charge rather well and charges quickly for me too.

If you are in the market for a headset I would definitely recommend the Jawbone Icon as it sits at a comfortable $99 price point, fits well, has a good sound and audio quality as well as comes with some very cool functionality.