Serving on company boards

One of many things that I would like to start doing more is taking up board positions. I think it is inevitable in one’s business career that you start to feel that you have more valuable strategic insight to give, than simply being a producer.

Apart from doing more consulting work—which is one way of doing more strategy oriented work—serving as a board member of companies or organizations is something that I believe not only would be a fun experience, but something that both I and the organization could benefit greatly from.

It isn’t something that I take lightly. It is a serious obligation, but one that I have been actively looking to get doing more in the future. Should anyone find this post and think “Hey, he’d be awesome for us”, then you know I’m always looking. But for both your sake and mine, I’m very picky. It needs to be a right fit because I do want to focus my time on where I can actually make a difference. So, let’s see where I am in a year. If all goes to plan, on more boards.