Looking Back at 2010

Where shall I begin? This year has been filled, no tightly packed with events for me and it is for the first time since doing these recaps, that I can look back at the past year with full and utter joy.

January and February may have been good, it’s just that I don’t remember much from these two months. They were for me spent waiting on what was to come in March and what has made this year so incredible long and good.

Finally I must say, March came around and filled with so much fun and excitement that I don’t know where to start. My 18th birthday was first up (March 11) which of course means that I am now able to do a whole lot of things that I couldn’t before. One being to start my own business, for which a registration was sent at 6 a.m in the morning when I woke up before I even left bed. Can you tell I was ecstatic about this?

Following my birthday, I had a trip plan. For me this was big from all possible aspects. First of all, the trip was to Photoshop World. I don’t know if I have ever had a week with so much fun as I did then. Being able to meet up with everyone I have gotten to know over the past years was just so much fun. Right now I am struggling to find words to describe it, just as I did earlier this year.

As two added bonuses to the trip, it was my first trip that I did on my very own without friends or family and also my first time in the USA. Talk about excitement and fun.

I would have been rather happy with these events alone, heck who wouldn’t? Still, there is one more event in April that I am also very proud to look back on. I got my drivers license proudly on the first attempt and yes, I still have it. ;) All kidding aside, I am truly proud of myself for everything I achieved in the beginning of the year.

Looking back now, this year has been incredible for me. With that start and then working hard both in school and with work, I now sit with a business doing a healthy first year at the same time as I have one semester left at school before graduating this summer. With this year as a base with everything that has been going on, I can only imagine that 2011 is going to be even better.


Who would I be if I didn’t have plans for the new year? Definitely now where I am today and certainly not the person who would reach his goals.

Finally I would like to thank a bunch of people who contribute to my life and that in one way or another allow me to do what I do. First of all, my family (mum and dad) for their constant support. Without it, I could simply not be doing this. Secondly, I would like to extend my thanks to a bunch of people in no special order. Class N3c of Sigrid Rudebecks Gymnasium, my class in school and the entire third year for the warmth and lovely atmosphere which makes going to school every morning much more enjoyable. All teachers at my school for helping to create this wonderful atmosphere and especially my english teacher for constantly pushing me to improve in all parts of English.

I would also like to thank all NAPP members for such an amazing community to be a part of. Additionally, every employee at Kelby Media Group who make sure everything runs. Yet, I cannot escape the fact of an extra mention for the people there who have made my life a little extra awesome: Nancy Massé, Scott Kelby, Dave Cross, Larry Becker, Linda Speranza, RC Concepcion and I guess many more who I fail to mention today.

As a part of my musical world, I want to thank the entire team at GOArt for making me feel so welcome this year as a new employee as well as my current organ teacher, Joel Speerstra, for having me as a student. Of course also to my previous organ teacher, Lukas Arvidsson for helping me to advance quickly and learning so much!

Then we come to the special personal thank you’s where I always leave someone out. If I did, I mean nothing bad with it. Again in no special order I wish to thank my good friends, Elizabeth Gast (Firgs), Janine Smith and A.J Wood for starting the DRT podcast and for always being so fun to hang out with every week. Then I want to thank Terry White, Albin, Tove, Patrik, Jennifer, Anna-Karin, Justus, Johan, Jason Anderson, Tim Walker, Marc Hill, Chuck Joiner and so many more I can’t possibly fit in a blog post.

Rest assured, I am grateful for the year that has been and am looking ahead at 2011 to be the best year to date. Oh and yes, world domination is still on the agenda. ;)