On How Everything I Knew About Life Turned Out Wrong

I will confess to lying a bit in the title today right now. Everything I knew isn’t wrong. But before you dismiss this as another clickbait article, hear me out.

I think. A lot. For most situations I have imagined plenty of possible (and impossible…) scenarios. After gaining a few experiences, I usually find myself feeling as though I’ve figured something out. That I now know something for sure about how I view and feel about that something.

Fast forward a few days, weeks, months or years. Guess what. Everything has changed. What I believed I knew has changed. I find myself wondering how I could have ever thought what I did.

Of course, this is the way life always is. It’s part of the charm. Nowadays, I remind myself of this simple fact. Rarely do I speak with such great conviction about how things are, or are going to be. Because it changes. Your experiences changes you. And when they do, everything you thought you knew about your life is wrong, and you now know what is actually right. Except, there in the near future, it will all happen again.