On Opportunities That Just Arrive

I am sitting here on a Sunday morning afternoon with my coffee in hand, music in the stereo and laptop in my lap writing articles and content. I enjoy doing this, and Sundays are pretty much the only day a week that I get enough peace of mind for this.

At the same time, I am chatting to a group of friends as we are summarizing last night out. As I sit here doing these two things, I am reminded of a discussion that I had with a friend of mine, Lina, recently about “opportunities that just arrive”.

Both of us felt that throughout our respective careers so far, opportunities have always seemed to present themselves. Still, we both concluded, we work pretty hard to achieve this.

And it strikes me that while I often too feel that things just happen, I do work a lot to achieve the results that I see. For example, I am indeed sitting here writing the week’s articles and posts, and I do that every Sunday. And that’s just the start.

Lina and me concluded in our discussion that another key factor for this is how we are always looking to expand our network (even the fact that we know each other is a testament to that).

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about this very topic, and how to explain that things indeed keep happening without me seemingly feeling that I am doing something advanced.

And maybe that is just it, and the key. We aren’t doing anything special or advanced, but we are always looking to genuinely meet and get to know other people, be out there, present ourselves and be active. And that sees results.